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Custom Operating Agreements and LLC Formation for IRAs


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Operating Agreements

Attorney drafted agreements for the special requirements for a LLC owned by an IRA and customized to meet the requirements of each state.

LLC Formation

Choose to have us establish your limited liability company in the state of your choice.

Legal Advice

Legal advice and guidance free for the first 12 months.

How it works

Once you have opened a Self-Directed IRA Account with a Custodian who specializes in such accounts, you’ll need the following documents to have all the requisite items for Checkbook Control.

  • Operating Agreement for your LLC
  • Formation of your LLC Articles of Organization
    (Certificate of Formation in some states), and
  • EIN (tax id) for your LLC


Note: Each state imposes its own  fee for forming a LLC and this fee is in addition to the fee paid to IRA Village for its service. The filing fee charged varies by state. This state fee must be paid at checkout.

See state fees and estimated state processing times

  1. Select State

    Choose the state in which you will be forming your LLC (generally the state in which you will be investing or conducting business).

  2. Complete Questionaire

    Complete at your convenience (Estimated time of completion 10 minutes).

  3. Checkout

    Choose Operating Agreement or Package of Operating Agreement and LLC formation. Pay with IRA funds or credit card.

I had been wanting to do this but was afraid that it would be too costly or complicated. This site answered all questions and I was able to communicate directly with an attorney. Thank you!

Patrice, Atlanta, GA


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