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Checkbook Control for Your Self-directed IRA

Our process works AFTER you have opened a Self-Directed IRA Account with a Custodian who specializes in such accounts. For a list of self-directed custodians  click here.

IRA  Village Simple 4 Step Process

Step 1. Choose the state in which you will be forming your LLC (generally the state in which you will be investing or conducting business)

Step 2. Complete the simple Questionnaire (est. time of completion 10 minutes). Click here to see what information you need to complete questionnaire.

Step 3. Complete the checkout process- you can purchase only an Operating Agreement, or both the Operating Agreement and LLC formation.

Note: You can pay with your IRA funds through the automatically created invoice or you can pay by credit card.

Step 4.  Based on method of payment and services purchased:

  • We provide immediate download of your customized Operating Agreement if you pay by credit card and choose to not have your Agreement reviewed by us.
  • We review your Operating Agreement and send it to you if you pay by invoice or you pay by credit card and choose to have us review the Agreement.
  • We immediately begin forming your LLC and will send the LLC formation documents upon state approval. Click to see estimated times for each state.

CHECKBOOK CONTROL (after steps 1-4)

  • Open a bank account for the LLC (with your Operating Agreement, LLC formation documents, and EIN)
  • Transfer funds from your Self-Directed IRA to the LLC bank account

Note: Each state imposes its own  fee for forming a LLC and this fee is in addition to the fee paid to IRA Village for its service. The filing fee charged varies by state. This state fee is charged at checkout.  Click here to see state fees.

I researched setting up an IRA for a while before finding this great site. Very impressed with ease, price and wealth of information at my fingertips.

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